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Highlights of the OEM Program for your business

  • You are still supplier of the final solution
  • The final price is determined by you
  • You can add other equipment for completing the solution (such as software, traffic lights, barriers, load-cells sensors etc.)
  • By utilisation of our OEM Program you are able to supply road weighing systems for trucks
  • You can become specialist for low speed or for high speed Weigh-in-Motion
  • We will share with you our 25 years long experience in dynamical weighing

Mechanism of cooperation

  • We sell you a basic mechanical parts of a Dynamic Weighing System and the Smart Indicator WIM CONTROL
  • We provide you know-how how to implement into your projects
  • We support you during first installation of the final product
  • You can use your own components such as optional accessories, your software utilizing data from the WIM CONTROL
  • You are an integrator of the whole solution including guarantee to your customer

Files to download