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Product description

The software from our production can be part of every weighing system, depending on the weight type or customer requirements. We produce software both for Law Enforcement and for Trade Expedition.

This software can work both in dynamic and in static mode. 


Description of features

Software tools for WIM Law Enforcement 

For Law Enforcement at vehicle weighing stations, border crossings and toll sites we provide the Automatic Analysis of vehicle load according to national limits.
Advanced features are implemented in this user-friendly software without any additional costs for the user. Data management is included.

Software tools for Trade Expedition

For material management in diverse business environments has been developed this software tool which offers:

  • Weighing tickets
  • Automatic reporting of weighed material
  • Invoice generation
  • Comprehensive outputs for company accounting
  • Data for the logistics system

Vehicle weighing can be also fully automated with chip card terminals on unmanned sites and under supervision of video cameras.

Practical use

Do you consider which weighing systems can be equipped by this software? They are here: