Product description

WIM system for preselection is a traffic monitoring system designed for wide range of applications - traffic flow monitoring, congestion warning, measuring of real road load, bridge overload protection and for pre-selelection of overload vehicles from traffic flow. Overloaded vehicles can be slow down and redirected to nearest weighing site for legal law enforcement weighing on weighbridge  TENZOWIM 134 or portable system PW-10. The design of such two-stage weighing station you can find here.

WIM system for preselection ascertains individual axle loads, axle group loads, gross weight, vehicle length, speed and class without slowing or interruption to traffic flow even at highway speeds usually with accuracy 5-10%.

Other applications

Traffic data collection

WIM system for preselection provides accurate data about load factors that cause wear and surface deterioration. With growing number of heavy vehicles on the roads, many roads are operating over their design specifications. WIM system for preselection is helpful for exact maintenance planning that is essential for prolonging of the road lifetime.

Bridge protection

Bridges, the least resistant but the most expensive elements of the road infrastructure, are suffering from impacts of dynamic forces caused by fast moving heavy vehicles.
WIM system for preselection provides early detection of such vehicles that can be slowed down or prevented from bridge overcrossing.


Files for download

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