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Weighing System TENZOWIM 134 has been designed for fast and accurate weighing of vehicles in motion (WIM). TENZOWIM 134 is advanced weighing equipment suited for law enforcement weighing as well as for weighing in logistics terminals, in forwarding, in quarries and construction companies. The system TENZOWIM 134 is characterized by low operating costs and by high operational accuracy.

How does the weigh-in-motion system TENZOWIM 134 work?

  • Weighing system TENZOWIM 134 evaluates loads of individual axles, axle groups and the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle at the time when the vehicle passes over the weighing platform.
  • Vehicles are weighted during crossing the bridge, weighing is automatically evaluated and processed by computer. Their operation can be unattended.
  • Weighing in motion brings significant efficiency gains and time-savings. Up to 300 trucks per hour can be weighed on sites with rush Traffic.
  • TENZOWIM 134 has been certified for both commercial and for law-enforcement weighing in accordance with international recommendation OIML R134.

Vehicles are weighted automatically during crossing the bridge 

Use advanced features of the TENZOWIM 134

Automated & Unattended operation
The TENZOWIM 134 is an automated weighing instrument designed for work on unattended sites. High throughput.

AAccurate weighing
TENZOWIM 134 provides a real-time, accurate information about the gross weight of the vehicle and its axles. Accuracy from 1%

Smart software & On-line data
Automatic analysis of vehicle load according to national limits and for all subsequent steps of Law Enforcement process is ready to fulfil customer’s needs. Software generates weighing tickets or invoices. 

Reliability in tough conditions
TENZOWIM 134 is ready to work in harsh weather conditions. Heating or air-conditioning accessories ensures reliable operation of scales even in the extreme temperatures. The weighing bridge has been protected against corrosion.

Advanced diagnostics for preventive maintenance and maximum uptime. The 24/7 service supervision is available.

Technical specification

Verified capacity range (per axle)400 to 20 000 kg
Safe overloading per axle30 000 kg
No. of weighed axlesunlimited
Verified capacity range (total vehicle weight)unlimited
Scale interval – approved “e”  / adjustable “d”e= 20 kg  / d = 10,20,50 kg
Speed range at weighing (depending on the weighing system type)1–20 km/h
Accuracy class in static mode according to EN 45501III
Accuracy class of vehicle weight parameters in accordance with OIML R134up to 1B
Measurement accuracy of total vehicle weight expressed in %better than 1%
Measurement accuracy of axle weight expressed in %better than 2%
Weighing system approved by the Czech Metrology InstituteTCM 128/19 - 5651
Platform operation profile 2 900 x 700 mm up to 4000 x 900 mm
Platform finishingAl–Zn coated (metalized)
Load cells capacity4 x 20 000 kg (~ 80 000 kg total)
Load cells certificationOIML R60, C3 class
Load cells protection classIP67
Reliability of registration plate recognition at any light conditions> 95%
Reliability of registration plate (license number) recognition at good light conditions> 98%


Extension the system with additional features and accessories

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