Basic Package of Weighing Set

Mode of cooperation with the system integrators

  • TENZOVAHY supplies the Basic Package of Weighing Set including mechanical parts, load-cells and the EMC certified cabinet with the Control System WIMCONTROL to the system integrator
  • Support to the system integrator during implementation first projects with the TENZOWIM 134 System
  • Supervision during next installations with an active helpdesk
  • The system integrator can choose between using his own components or optional accessories from provided by TENZOVAHY
  • The system integrator can use the original software from the manufacturer or prepare their own and to use API interface for data from the WIMCONTROL System

Packed parts for delivery to OEM partner

System integrator receives basic components of the TENZOWIM 134 weighing system 

Main benefits for the system integrators

  • INDEPENDENCY - the system integrator is still supplier of the final solution with his own price policy
  • HIGHER ADDITIONAL VALUE - the system integrator can use his own equipment for completing the solution (such as software, traffic lights, barriers, load-cells sensors etc.)
  • KNOW HOW - the system integrator becomes a specialist for accurate Weighing-in-Motion
  • SHARING EXPERIENCES - the system integrator can build on more than 30 years long experience in dynamical weighing and to reach competitive advantages

What is the WIMCONTROL?

WIMCONTROL is a new generation of a control system especially designed for construction of WIM systems of any operating speeds (0 up to 150km/h) or static axle weighing. It ensures weighing vehicles including communication with client applications running in other separate units such as laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone. Communication is protected by secured protocol in accordance with WELMEC 7.2 Software Guide.

Extension the system with additional features and accessories

We are ready to support you at a specific construction site

  • We will provide one technician who will complement at least two people from your company.
  • We recommend setting aside reasonable costs in your budget for these two people.
  • This support can be effectively ensured after the construction readiness of the base has been completed in accordance with the Manual for the preparation of the construction site, which we will send to you upon request.
  • A very important part of construction readiness is the construction of a concrete weighing zone with a length of at least 30 m (15 m in front and 15 m behind the bridge of axle scales).
  • The whole process of construction of the weighing zone and installation of new scales takes min. 28 days (see schedule).
  • On request, we can also help you with the preparation of construction elements on the construction site.

Schedule for the construction of the TENZOWIM 134 Weigher

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