The static weighbridge is used for measuring the total weight of vehicles in motionlessness. That's why we call it the static weighbridge. It excels in high accuracy. It's used in agriculture, food industry, processing plants, etc. Weighing is automatically evaluated and processed by a computer. The static weighbridge is certified for commercial weighing.

How does static weighbridge work? 

  • Advantages

    High weighing accuracy

    Software, integration into company's accounting

    Reliability also during harsh weather conditions

    The static weighbridge is made by high quality reinforced concrete 

    Variable durable construction

    The base for all types of static weighbridges is made from steel or reinforced concrete weighbridge 3m wide. Precise prefabricates parts allow quick assembly. Reinforced concrete bridges, made of quality high-strength concrete class B45, ensure the maximum service life of the static weighbridge. 

    The bridge elements are placed on high-quality stainless steel strain gauges, guaranteeing the long-term reliability of the weighing system.

    The protection against corrosion and dirt

    Corrosion protection of steel elements is made by galvanizing. On top of that, the surface of the bridge is protected by a special anti-slip coating resistant against the negative influence of the external environment. Every bridge is equipped with a service opening. The gap between the base frame and the edge of the bridges is covered along the entire perimeter of the static weighbridge with a T-shaped rubber sealing profile, which prevents falling dirt into the weighbridge and clogging the substructure.

    The rubber sealing T-profile prevents clogging of the inner part of the scales

    Overview video cameras are used also in unattended weighing mode
  • Types of weighbridges

    Pit concrete weighbridges 

    The top quality of reinforced concrete bridges placed in high-quality load cells with the recessed installation makes this product one of the best in the market of weighbridges. And the nice bonus is space-saving during driving onto weighbridges.

    Pit-less concrete weighbridges

    The pit-less design invented by a combination of high-quality reinforced concrete bridges design as prefabricated ribs elements and stainless steel strain gauges create an affordable variation of robust weighbridges designed for an ordinary operation.



    Portable pit-less steel weighbridge

    The portable weighbridge is very advantageous for its easy installation on an appropriately hard surface. All you need to install is a forklift. It doesn't require any special building preparation and it is designed for easy transport. Its disassembly or moving is very fast. This type of weighbridge is an ideal solution both for permanent and temporary placement. 

    It can be available also in galvanized version. 

    Portable pit-less steel weighbridge with full area design

    In contrast with normal pit-less steel weighbridge, this type adds an advantage of the full-area design. 

    Easy to install on an appropriately hard surface.

    It is also available in galvanized version. 

  • Parameters



    Size length 6 ÷ 24 m, width 3 m
    Material reinforced concrete, steel 
    Weighing capacity 60 / 30 t
    Accessories optional
    Graduation 20/10 kg
    Level of accuracy III
    Approved for commercial weighing yes
    Weighing while moving no


  • Use

    Are you considering whether this product is suitable for your operation? Here is an inspiration for the typical use of static weighbridge:

    We recommend weighbridge especially for those operations where the main emphasis is put on a maximum weighing accuracy - where the price per tonne of the weighed product reaches more than one hundred euros). High weighing accuracy is achieved by the vehicle which is standing during weighing still and fully on the weighbridge. The size of the weighbridge is derived according to the length of the longest weighted vehicle or set - e.g. for the correct weighing of a normal five-axle truck is needed weighbridge with size at least 16 x 3 m.

    The static weighbridge allows maximum weighing accuracy 
  • Accessories
    The system of the static weighbridge can be extended with other accessories according to your requirements: 

    Communication with an information system

    Outdoor display for easy reading of weighing data

    Set of signalling devices

    Automatic barriers

    Set for automatic weighing

    Surveillance cameras

  • Building preparation
    Construction is usually carried by the client or a company designated by the client; proceeds according to the type of project and under the supervision of the supplier of the static weighbridges.
  • Download

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