For increasing the efficiency of the operation of weighing systems, we provide other optional accessories. Are you considering how to improve your weighing system? Here is an inspiration

If you have any request, contact us either via the form at the bottom of the website or by email, phone. We will be pleased to take care of you. We ensure the entire process from the design of the weighing system through its implementation to calibration and maintenance throughout its lifetime period.  

User software for commercial weighing

Software with easy control for controlling the operation of a weighing system and their accessories (traffic lights, readers, barriers, ...), databases of records, materials, vehicles, customers, a large number of balances, printouts, direct invoice printing, data export, etc. Data can be exported to other superstructure programs of the weighbridge operator. Supplied with control computer incl. Windows, display and printer.

External Outdoor Display for easy reading of weighing data

Display from high-brightness LEDs (height of letters 6 cm) placed in a stainless steel cover for outdoor use. 

Display units for static weighbridge

Each indicators differs in the comfort of displaying or use according to the environment.


Signalling devices

It simplifies operation of the weighing system. It is especially suitable for unattended operation when a keyboard with a chip card reader is installed on the pillar. The signalling is controlled automatically. The signalling device is red/green, includes an acoustic horn, information panel and other accessories. Pillar and anchor mounting. 

Automatic entrance barriers

  • The barrier arm length up to 4 m, lift in 3.5 s
  • Remote control
  • The anchor plate is built into the concrete. 

Set for unattended weighing

The driver identifies the vehicle by putting the chip card, enters the code of the material from the keypad and after confirming the data. The weighing is started. The set contains: 

  • A keyboard terminal with a smart card reader 
  • 100 pieces of chip cards with printing according to the costumer's wishes
  • Terminal cover with holder for traffic light pole and interconnecting box

Overview video cameras

It is possible to scan both the front and from above a load of vehicles. The pictures are saved in the weighing record. Additionally, 3 m high pillars are installed for front scanning and 6 m high pillars for scanning of the load. 

Set for automatic reading of registration plates (ANPR)

It contains a camera with infrared illumination for reliable operation even in unfavourable conditions - at night or in a fog. Reading registration mark is inserted directly into the weighing record.

Automatic heating for a weighbridge of the system TENZOWIM 134 

The electronic monitors the temperature at the base of the weighbridge and automatically switches on the heating with the heating cable when it drops to zero. As soon as the temperature rises above 2°C, the heating is switched off which saves the electricity. This completely prevents the base of the weighbridge from freezing even in severe frost.

T-profile for reducing falling dirt under the weighbridge

It is usually used for pit-less weighbridge between the entrance and the weighing platform. However, it may be in the longitudinal direction for pit weighbridges. 

Rolling Mats for Portable weighing pads

  • Suitable for any weighing pads with height in range 17 – 20mm
  • Standard lengths: 2m or 4m, any lengths available on request
  • Easy and fast set-up on the road surface – weighing zone is ready in a couple of seconds
  • Made from plastic segments 
  • Anti-slip wrapping of elements
  • Durable and UV resistant material prolongs mats lifetime
  • The distinctive color and contrasting edge help the driver guide the vehicle through the scales
  • The standard width is 740mm and height 18.5mm, weight 27.7 kg (4m), or 14kg (2m)
Basic technical parameters of shims


Size (length x  width x height) - mm 

Weight (kg)

The standard set for weighing system

4 metres (standard) 4000 x 740 x 18,5 27,8 4 x 4 m
2 metres (short) 2000 x 740 x 18,5 14 8 x 2 m


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