The container weighing system is designed for accurate and safe container weighing when reloading in logistics centers and transhipment points. Weighing is carried out during manipulation with gantry crane. The container scales are designed to decrease the risk of shocks when loading heavy containers.

Camera surveillance and immediate transfer of weight parameters to the information system significantly increase the efficiency of transhipment in the container centres.

See reference project METRANS here >>>


How do the Container Weighing Systems work?

  • During the transhipment of a container by a gantry crane, the container scales are used for rapid accurate weighing.
  • In order to place the container securely on a static scale, adequate shock absorption must be ensured. Special shock absorbers allow the scales to be protected against high shocks when working with containers at docks.
  • The scales are designed for weighing of all sizes of conventional containers, ie from 20´ to 45´.
Container Weighing Systems are suitable for accurate container weighing when handling a gantry crane
  • Benefits

    Protection from careless handling

    High weighing accuracy

    integration into corporate accounting

    Reliability even in harsh climatic conditions

    Variable durable construction

    The design of the scales is easily adaptable to the real conditions of the transhipment of containers. The dampers on which the container rests are placed on the bridge deck, which is made of either high-quality reinforced concrete or steel. The Weighing Indicator is located in the electric cabinet.

    Protection against careless handling

    The Container Scales are equipped with a damping device which absorbs possible dynamic shocks when placing the container. The design of these shock absorbers is designed to prevent the destruction of sensors stored inside the Container Scales.

    The scales are equipped with stainless steel sensors with high protection, the cabling is equipped with steel protectors.

    Reading container numbers

    The weighing system provides the user in real time with information about the instantaneous weight of the weighed container, all data about their operation including statistics, trends and possible non-standard weighing combinations. User friendly SOFTWARE enables not only clear records of containers, materials and carriers, but also generation of invoices, balances and data export to the related information systems of the company.
    Camera for reading numbers on a container
    Illustrative image of the numbers on the container
  • Specification



     Verified capacity range  30/40/60 t
     Scale interval  10/20 kg
     Accuracy class  III
     Dimensions  l x w: (6-18) x 3m
     Type of containers  20", 40", 45"
     Weighing system approved by the Czech Metrology Institute  yes


  • Practical use
  • Download

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