First questions

Have you already took a look at our website?

  • Have you found out what you are looking for?
  • Would you like to know more information or some other details?
  • Are the information in enclosed booklets useful for you?
  • Don't hesitate to write us Your questions via the form down on the page below or by ordinary email to address: 
  • You can call also us on some of these numbers: WhatsApp: +420 730 167 513


  • As soon as we receive your question or demand, we will try to respond to your satisfaction as soon as it will be possible.
  • We will contact you with additional technical questions. 
  • Usually, it is kind of information, which helps us to design the best solution for your operation as accurately and as soon as possible. 
  • Often your demands are possible to solve in more ways - via more types of weighing systems.
  • These solutions usually differ in their characteristics and sometimes also in price.
  • And that's why the talk with our worker it is useful for you. We will help you in a basic orientation in the subsequently offered products and services.


  • Now it is possible to proceed with 
  • These steps are still non-binding
  • We prepare a proposal, which will include the description and function of the suggested weighing system and total price of work.
  • The price contains supplied material - components of scales, the installation, calibration of devices, possible official verification and training your operators. 
  • It can happen, that you decide to ask for expansion of our offer by adding some of the other devices, such as traffic lights, barriers, overview cameras, contactless readers, etc. 
  • That's why our offer also includes additional accessories for weighing systems, whose price is stated in a special form out of the main price. 

Reference projects

  • Do you need additional information about your decision? If you should get a weighing system and if this investment realize via our company? 
  • To assure you of the quality of our products and of the high level of following services, we can jointly plan a visit to some of our operation. 
  • On the place, we can show you a weighing system from us and demonstrate its function in a detail. 
  • It is also possible to arrange a short talk with some of our clients, who use these weighing systems. 

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