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Product description

Portable System PW-10 is a very interesting alternative for fast and occasional weighing of overload vehicles has the following characteristic features.

Portable weighing systems PW-10 are used both for government control weighing purposes and in the private sector where they are equipped with other types of weighing software and are used to randomly check the loading of vehicles in transport companies and industrial plants.

The thin and light weighing device PW-10 combines the reliability of tensometric scales with high mobility in everyday operation. The system provides exceptional operability in vehicle weighing. The preparation of the site takes only a few minutes to start weighing.


The basic component of the PW-10 weighing system are load-cell weighing platforms, from which the signal is passed through the interface unit containing the evaluation electronics and the battery pack into the PC where the data is processed, displayed and possibly printed on the printer.

The Weighing System PW-10 allows year-round operation and are independent of the external power supply for up to 60 hours. It was equipped with increased corrosion protection.

Diagram of system connection during weighing




Weighing Protocol

The system PW-10 is standardly, ie without additional charges, equipped with a PC, from which it is possible to print and to provide unlimited archiving of weighing protocols. In the software, advanced features are implemented in the basic price of the product to facilitate the entire weighing process and other useful tools including extensive data management, export and reporting.

The PW-10 is also equipped with the Vehicle weighing dynamic mode (WIM), which allows for rapid sorting of vehicles to potentially overloaded and others. It is therefore possible to carry out weighing control not only in the vicinity of stationary high-speed dynamic weighing sensors incorporated into the road but anywhere else, for example, where there is suspicion of overloading vehicles. This greatly increases the weighing efficiency as such and allows for more misdemeanors to be detected than just by random action.

The software is optimized according to the requirements of state authorities in the Czech Republic (ie the Czech Republic Police or the Customs Administration) and abroad.

Technical specification

Max. Measurable Load (per wheel / per axle)10 000 / 20 000 kg
Min. Measurable Load (per wheel / per axle)200 / 500 kg
Number of Weighed Axlesunlimited
Approved scale interval “e” / adjustable scale interval “d”20 / 10, 20, 50 kg
Max. Overcrossing Speed5 km/h
Max. Vehicle Speed for Weigh-in-motion5 km/h
Min. Vehicle Speed for Weigh-in-motion1 km/h
Accuracy Class of Weigh-in-motion According to OIML R1342
Accuracy Class of Static Weighing According to EN 45501IV
Weighpad Dimensions760 x 580 x 20mm
Weighpad Weight23,6 kg
EC type-approval certificateTCM 128/04-4103

Extension the system with additional features and accessories

Portable scales PW-10 can be equipped with this accessories according to your requirements:


  • Suitable for any weighing pads with height in range 16 – 20mm
  • Lengths: 4m (4000 x 750 x 18,5mm, 28kg) standard or 2m (2000 x 750 x 18,5mm, 14kg) short, other lengths available on request
  • Easy “scroll” setup on the road surface – weighing zone is ready in couple of minutes
  • Anti-slip wrapping on plastic elements
  • Durable and UV resistant plastic prolongs mats lifetime
  • Vivid colour and contrast edge helps navigate the vehicle over the weighing pads
  • NEW: Short text or logo imprint from red elements available on request

Practical use

Do you consider whether this product is suitable for your business? Here is a small inspiration for the typical use of PW-10 portable scales:

  • A suitable method of measurement and the type of weighing depends on the weighted object type. Portable scales PW-10 are designed to intermittently predominate in control prevailing by state authorities on upper and lower road roads.
  • Portable scales PW-10 can be used to verify the weight of oversized vehicles eg Belaz or special bodies.
  • The occasional entry or exit control of large and medium-sized manufacturing or construction companies can be an interesting application of PW-10 portable scales, which can randomly verify correct loading and management of material used for production or construction purposes.
  • Portable scales PW-10 can also be used in technical inspection stations (STK) or in the production of trucks or buses. The weighing platforms are then placed in a dimensionally corresponding groove. Weighing is possible in this case even without levelling mats.

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