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Product description

WIM CONTROL - the heart of any Weigh-in-Motion application

  • WIM CONTROL is a new generation of indicators especially designed for building of WIM systems of any operating speeds or static axle weighing.
  • WIM CONTROL gives you flexibility in connection of various weighing sensors, inductive loops, barriers, thermal sensors etc. into one unit.
  • WIM CONTROL is supported by software client applications running under Windows or Linux based operation systems.

Software tools for Weighing in Motion

The WIM CONTROL contains embedded software WIM SERVER providing in addition to many other features evaluation of weighing results. 

It ensures static or dynamic low speed and high speed weighing vehicles including communication with client applications running in other separate units such as laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone. 

The client communication is protected by secured protocol.

System services

The Smart Indicator WIM CONTROL provides weighing data to the parent system. Here are basic data gained from weighing vehicles:

  • Wheel & Axle load
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
  • Wheelbase & number of axles
  • Other weight vehicle parameters
  • Total vehicle length
  • Speed of vehicles
  • Intervals between vehicles
  • Date and time of vehicle's passage
  • Driving direction
  • Number of vehicles per period

System utilities

WIM CONTROL uses these tools to ensure the operation and evaluation of the weighing system data:

  • Multilevel access passwords
  • Controlling output peripherals
  • Communication with Supervision Systems
  • Tools for Law Enforcement
  • Tools for Trade Weighing
  • API interface for other utilization
  • Tools for calibration and verification

Files for download