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The TENZOVAHY WIM System VM-1.2 offers unique way of weighing cargo at logistical terminals, in forwarding, in quarries and construction companies as well as for Law Enforcement on roads and highways.
Vehicles are weighed while crossing the bridge. Weighing is then automatically evaluated and processed by a Computer Information System. 

The Weighing System provides real-time information to the monitoring centre about immediate weight of the vehicle, all data about its operations, including statistics, trends and possible extreme variations in weighing. The data from the weighing system is being processed by an evaluation unit placed in a roadside cabinet. The output a data record of the vehicle weighing is being sent into a Server. An easy-to-use software not only allows for keeping a well-arranged record of vehicles, materials and carriers, but also for issuing invoices and balances and exporting data to the company’s related information systems. This facilitates further planning and process optimization.
Weighbridge type VM-1.2 has been designed to work especially under heavy operating conditions. Weighbridge is not firmly mounted into the base so the maintenance and service is simplified. If any cleaning or service check is needed, weighbridge can be easily lifted up and serviced without the need of recalibration. 

Easy installation

The Weighing System VM is installed in a 250 mm steel frame that is embedded to the weighing zone in a driveway. Precast concrete base with pre-installed frame including heating cable significantly speeds installation.

Easy maintenance

By virtue of the fact that the weighing bridge is not anchored in the base, it can be easily picked up by a forklift at any time, and after cleaning or servicing the base it can be stored back without any recalibration by a specialist service station. Thus considerably easier and less costly regular maintenance scales.

Water and antifreeze protection 

The concrete prefabricated base was equipped for drainage of rainwater. The standard heating element ensures reliable operation in the winter months when the weighing system that are not so equipped can suffer from freezing the base. The temperature in the frame is automatically controlled. Heating is automatically switched on at minus temperature.

Impact protection at higher speeds

The damping element has been used to prevention hard impacts into the frame during weighing at higher speeds over 6km/h



Weighing systems are used in various industries. Software for trade weighing is designed for this purpose. Automatic weighing operation is provided by camera systems, unattended terminals along with automatic barriers and traffic lights. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is an obvious feature.
The software performs ticket printing, reporting of weighed material, including complete accounting records.
All data obtained by weighing, including vehicle data, is automatically transferred to the enterprise information system for further evaluation.

Extension the system with additional features and accessories

Prefabricated concrete base 
Base frame with an Automatic heating control 
Communication with an information system
External display 
Set of signalling devices 
Automatic barrier 
Set for automatic weighing in both
directions (on unmanned sites) 


Video Camera supervision set

ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) System