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Weighing vehicles in motion (WIM) is an excellent tool for monitoring the load of roads, highways and highway bridges. The TENZOVAHY WIM System VM offers unique way of weighing cargo at logistical terminals, in forwarding, in quarries and construction companies as well as for Law enforcement on roads and highways. Vehicles are weighed while crossing the bridge. Weighing is then automatically evaluated and processed by a Computer Information System. 

How does the dynamic weighing system work?

  • Weighing systems VM-1.2 are designed to determine the total weight of the load and the loads of individual axles of the vehicle or their groups directly during driving.
  • Vehicles are weighted during crossing the bridge , weighing is automatically evaluated and processed by computer. Their operation can be unattended - controlled by drivers of vehicles using chip card.
  • Dynamic weighing saves time to an operator. This way up to 300 trucks per hour can be weighed.
  • Scales are certified for both commercial and control weighing in both static and dynamic mode.

Vehicles are weighted automatically during crossing the bridge 

Main advantages

Automated operation. Up to 300 vehicles can be weighed per hour.

Integration into an enterprise information system speeds up loading and unloading of goods

The scales are ready for operation under harsh climatic conditions

Advanced diagnostics for preventive maintenance and maximum serviceability

Ready for Smart City

Technical specification

Verified capacity range (per axle)400 to 20 000 kg
Safe overloading per axle30 000 kg
No. of weighed axlesunlimited
Verified capacity range (total vehicle weight)unlimited
Scale interval – approved “e”  / adjustable “d”e= 20 kg  / d = 10,20,50 kg
Speed range at weighing (depending on the weighing system type)1–6 km/h
Accuracy class in static mode according to EN 455001III
Accuracy class of vehicle weight parameters in accordance with OIML R1341B
Measurement accuracy of total vehicle weight expressed in %better than 1%
Measurement accuracy of axle weight expressed in %better than 2%
Weighing system approved by the Czech Metrology InstituteTCM 128/97-2590 R1
Platform operation profile 2 900 x 700 mm up to 4000 x 900 mm
Platform finishingAl–Zn coated (metalized)
Load cells capacity4 x 20 000 kg (~ 80 000 kg total)
Load cells certificationOIML R60, C3 class
Load cells protection classIP67
Reliability of registration plate recognition at any light conditions> 95%
Reliability of registration plate (license number) recognition at good light conditions> 98%


Extension the system with additional features and accessories

Prefabricated concrete base 
Base frame with an Automatic heating control 
Communication with an information system
External display 
Set of signalling devices 
Automatic barrier